How do we work at The Bridge?

How do we work at The Bridge?

Choosing the treatment centre which will give you the results you need and deserve is a big decision. We want to be honest and transparent with our patients and their families to help them to make the right decision, so here’s what you need to know about The Bridge –

We’re not the best and we can’t help everyone with everything

You may be surprised to hear that, but we believe it’s best to be totally honest about what we can and can’t do. We are specialists with helping people cope with addiction to alcohol and drugs, as well as eating disorders and gambling. In these areas we have personal experience and success with beating these addictions and have built a small team of accredited specialists and qualified professionals who have the qualifications and the experience to allow us to say with confidence that we really can help.

However, our approach isn’t right for everyone, and we will only take people that we really feel we can help. The first step to deciding whether to take a patient is a thorough assessment, a truthful diagnosis of the issues and then if and how we can help you. If your issues fall outside our specialities, we can make recommendations and referrals for the right facility for you, to make sure you get the best possible care for your individual needs.

We take a long-term approach

This doesn’t mean you’ll be with us forever, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Our aim is to prepare people for living full and happy lives in the real world without a dependence on drugs or alcohol. This means that the residential rehabilitation programme is only one part of your journey. During your stay with us, we of course make sure you do not have any drugs or alcohol and we offer you therapy to deal with the reasons why you are using. We use fitness and nutrition to make you physically and mentally stronger. We also prepare you and give you coping mechanisms to succeed when you get home. We also involve families every step of the way and use family therapy to make sure that you have the right support network when you get home. We offer good value aftercare and are in touch with patients after they leave and make sure they know they can always reach out. We also offer online and virtual treatment options to ensure you can continue to get the help you need whenever and however you need it.

We are proud of our highly qualified and experienced team

We are a family run business, founded by husband and wife Howard and Zalyia and their daughter Ali. Each of us have a history of struggles with addiction and eating disorders and have worked hard to overcome these issues and lead full lives. We offer a family environment for our patients in order to create a positive and supportive environment, as well as offer treatment that really works. Ali is a qualified nutritional therapist, studied psychodynamic counselling and has also qualified as an eating disorder practitioner.  

As well as Ali, we have brought in some of the most highly qualified and experienced therapists and specialists around to help our patients deal with addictions and make lasting change. This close-knit team of professionals works together to design bespoke treatment plans for our patients to maximise the effectiveness of their treatment and offer the most value out of their stay.

We’re tough but we get results

We don’t believe that rehab should be a holiday, with lots of time off, as time can lead to temptation. You need to be prepared to work hard and put in the hours to get well. Our programme is non-negotiable, structured and full of different ways to help you. We’re tough, but our treatment is effective for people who are prepared to put the work in to facilitate their own recovery.

We offer residential rehab, dayhab and online and virtual therapy options

Every addict is an individual, with their own needs, and their lives are very different, so therefore we have flexible treatment options. Our rehabilitation residence in Marbella is available for short and longer-term stays, for intensive work and a safe place to detox, clear your head and work hard on fighting the addiction. We also offer what we call Dayhab, a programme designed specifically for people who for whatever reason wish to do treatment during the week and enjoy the best of the Costa del Sol, or people looking for a flexible and affordable secondary care options while they are away on holiday or at their second home. Lastly, we’ve created an online programme, for anyone who isn’t able to travel, or has work and family commitments which make residential rehab impossible. This makes seeking help for your addiction more flexible, affordable and is a good option as a primary or secondary treatment. Please contact us to discuss the best options for you.

Why should you believe what we say?

I’m glad you asked, you shouldn’t just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from patients who have experienced treatment at The Bridge –

“At The Bridge you are with family… I left The Bridge full of gratitude, full of their wisdom, with gratefulness in my heart and in the knowledge that I will never walk alone… I will always have my family at ‘The Bridge’ to guide me.” Anonymous, 49 years old

“The extraordinary team at The Bridge inspired me to make an effort when I had no energy. I left 10 weeks later to be with my family. I could walk again, I learned to eat well, I was taught communication skills and bridges were mended with my family. The team at The Bridge are extraordinary – thank you.” Anonymous, 64 years old

“At The Bridge, alongside their programme, they reintroduced me back into life and taught me how to cope and manage day to day… Ali has helped me to further establish a healthy relationship with food and exercise… The perfect dose of thorough treatment, therapy and The Bridge to normal living.” Anonymous, 24 years old

To find out more, browse our website, find us on Facebook, or get in touch. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about what you can expect from The Bridge.