Luxury Rehab for
alcohol addiction in spain

Alcohol is easily available and drinking alcohol is not just acceptable, but actively encouraged in our society. Yet, alcohol is a highly addictive substance, which is damaging to our bodies and minds. Research shows, that even in moderate amounts, drinking takes a toll on our health and if more than 14 units are consumed a week this damage increases significantly. Unfortunately, many people are not able to moderate and become addicted to alcohol.

Alcohol addiction causes havoc on the lives of the individuals and their families. It leads to secrecy and deception, failure to perform in a professional capacity, or be there for children and loved ones, financial issues and a huge amount of health problems. Without treatment, most alcoholics are not able to stop, no matter the damage that it is causing.

But there is hope for addicts and their families, as treatment for alcohol addiction is highly effective. We’ve created our luxury alcohol rehab in Spain to provide a comfortable place to receive the alcohol addiction treatment that our clients so desperately need. Our intensive, bespoke programmes include therapy, the 12 steps, holistic therapies and a wide range of techniques designed to help clients stop drinking and dramatically decrease the risk of relapse. Contact us if you need help and know you have a problem with addiction.

What is
alcohol addiction?

What is alcohol addiction and how do you know if you have a problem?

If you are dependent to alcohol, you will feel that you aren’t able cope or survive without alcohol.

Drinking will become your prime focus and you will choose drinking over your job, your family, your friends and you will often neglect basic self-care. Alcoholics will not be able to stop drinking and will need alcohol as soon as they wake up each day to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

If you start to feel cravings and a compulsion to drink alcohol you probably have a problem with alcohol. If you drink at times and in situations which are not deemed socially acceptable, such as in the morning, drinking excessively alone on a regular basis, or engage in secretive behaviours to hide your drinking, such as adding alcohol into other drinks, these are warning signs that your drinking is getting out of control.

If friends and family members are expressing fears, please take them seriously, before your addiction develops to a level where it is really affecting your life and your health. There are some good online tests which ask you questions to check your dependency to alcohol and which can help you identify if you have a problem. Talking to your GP is also a good first step to raise concerns and discuss next steps. You can also call us, or send us a WhatsApp and ask our alcohol addiction specialists your questions and discuss what help is available at our luxury alcohol rehab. It’s important to take action before your health is permanently affected or your relationships and job prospects are damaged.

Health Impacts
of drinking alcohol

According to Healthline, “drinking any amount of alcohol can potentially lead to unwanted health consequences. People who binge drink or drink heavily may notice more health effects sooner, but alcohol also poses some risks for people who drink in moderation.”

Short term health risks of drinking include lowered inhibitions, impulsive behaviour and loss of coordination, which all increase your risk of accidents and injuries. Over the long term, impacts on your health and wellbeing increase significantly. These include mood changes including anxiety, problems sleeping, a weakened immune system, problems with memory, concentration and focus. Over time, alcohol can also damage our organs and the way our bodies work. It can cause pancreatitis, liver disease and liver inflammation, hyperglycaemia and damage your central nervous system and brain. Chronic drinking can cause complications with your heart and circulatory system including high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, stroke, heart attack and heart disease. There are also alcohol-induced mental health conditions and a wide range of other mental and physical impacts of sustained high levels of drinking.

Unfortunately, we see first hand the terrible damage that alcohol causes. When most clients arrive and check in to our luxury alcohol rehab they are in a dreadful state. They are weak, malnourished, suffering from anxiety and depression, their skin and hair are in a terrible condition and they usually have a whole host of medical problems.

However, we also see how the body and mind can recover after years of alcohol abuse. Our clients leave rehab looking and feeling better than they have for years, often able to come off medication for things like high blood pressure and anxiety in a very short time. From two weeks after their last drink, we can start seeing the positive changes and the body starts to be able to heal and start to repair damage. Within a month blood pressure can return to healthy levels, and there’s a marked improvement in energy levels and general wellbeing. After three months you can expect to see an enormous change in how you look and feel, and your body will be performing better than you could imagine. Mental health benefits and sleep improvements will make your life so much better at this stage. After three months, it should get easier to live without alcohol, as new healthy habits have become established, especially if you combine sobriety with improved nutrition and exercise.

What help is available
if you’re addicted to alcohol

Thankfully, there’s a growing sober curious movement in the younger generations, as the risks of drinking alcohol are better understood. High profile challenges such as Dry January are making not drinking more acceptable and there are more non-alcoholic drinks available on the market to fulfil the growing interest in reducing alcohol intake. However, we know that it is still hard to admit that you have a problem and get help.

Admitting that you have a problem with addiction and asking for help takes a lot of courage, self-honesty and trust. But only by facing our addictions can we break free from the cycle of pain and shame and start living our lives with dignity.

Once you have made the brave decision to get help, there are a number of places where you can start your recovery journey.

  • Visit your GP and be referred to local specialists and support groups

  • Join your local AA group and start to follow the 12-Steps

  • Try an online addiction treatment programme

  • Choose an outpatient rehab

  • Opt for a residential alcohol rehab

All of these are excellent options. Which will work best for you will depend on the level of your addiction and your home and work commitments.

When a residential
rehab is the best choice

If you suffer from quite severe withdrawal symptoms if you are not able to drink, or have been addicted to alcohol for a long time and drink to extreme levels every day, the detox period can be highly dangerous. Residential rehab, or a supervised detox, overseen by medical professionals is highly recommended in these cases to keep you safe.

If you have tried and failed to stop drinking in the past and find that your home life, your friendship circle and your lifestyle in general makes it very difficult not to drink, then residential rehab could be for you.

If you want to have a discreet place where you can go through your recovery in private, without having to answer questions or be challenged about why you are not drinking, residential rehab is also an excellent idea.

Our luxury alcohol rehab is a safe place where you can receive intensive treatment for alcohol addiction, away from prying eyes or bad influences.

We take a holistic approach and design bespoke treatment programmes which will best suit you and offer long-lasting results. We have personal experience with alcohol addiction and how good it feels to be free from the trap and be able to live with dignity and we’re here to help you do the same. You will be able to recover in a beautiful villa in southern Spain, where our highly trained addiction specialists will work with you to build your strength and resilience and get to the root of your issues, and help you leave alcohol addiction behind.

We can say with confidence, that after staying with us and committing to your programme, you will look and feel healthier than you could imagine. You will understand your triggers and habits and have tools to stop falling back into your bad old ways and you’ll feel ready to face the world and start your new life sober and free from your addiction.

Please get in touch today to face your alcohol addiction head on and commit to lasting change.