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We are an alcohol and drug rehab centre in Southern Spain, providing bespoke treatment to individuals from all walks of life. If you, or a family member, are struggling with addiction, our experienced and qualified team are here to help. Contact The Bridge today for addiction help, or read on to find out more about us, how we work and what we can do for you.

Personalised addiction treatment,
tailor-made for you​

At our private rehabilitation centre in Andalusia, we are focused on getting to the root of the problem, working with the families as well as addicts to prepare our clients for long-term recovery. We offer a wide range of addiction treatment programs tailored to you, as well as helping you to develop the skills you need to live a happy and successful life, free of addiction. 

The Bridge is a boutique addiction treatment centre and we purposefully keep group sizes small. This enables us to focus on every person’s individual needs and tailor our programmes to fit the addiction, as well as why it happened in the first place.

We have qualified and highly experienced therapists who offer a number of therapy techniques as part of our addiction treatment programmes including; cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, one-to-one therapy, trauma therapy and experiential therapy. We also offer family liaisons and support, in-house yoga and Pilates, body image workshops, 12 Step meetings and nutritional rehabilitation.

The Bridge offers a programme of abstinence, to break the cycle of addiction, and qualified therapists to help you understand why you drink or take drugs. Understanding the issue, and being given tools and practical skills for overcoming cravings and temptations, will enable you to leave our rehabilitation centre with the confidence and clarity to start living your new life, leaving substance abuse behind you. Please don’t face addiction alone, ask our qualified addiction therapists how we can help you and which addiction treatment program would be suitable for you.

Tough but effective
rehabilitation treatment​

In some centres there is a lot of free time, but not at The Bridge. We believe that you deserve as much treatment and time away from the temptation of drugs and alcohol as possible during your stay.

A residential rehabilitation facility is designed to break the cycle of addiction and get you clean and sober. Only when you’re clean will you have the mental clarity to receive the treatment you need and build up your physical, mental and emotional strength. This is why our programme is non-negotiable and based on abstinence.

We’re tough and will push you to put in the time and effort that is required to deal with your addiction. Our treatment is effective for people who really want to be well and are prepared to put the work in to aid their own recovery. If you’re serious about stopping drinking, taking drugs or gambling and want highly effective addiction treatment for long-term recovery, The Bridge is here for you. Contact us to find out more and talk to our kind, patient, understanding and qualified team.

Bespoke Primary and Secondary
Treatment Options​

We know that residential rehab is just the first step on the journey to long-term recovery from addiction. That is why we work hard during your stay to build your strength, set up support networks through your family and friends and offer you a wide range of practical techniques for dealing with addiction in the real world, alongside group and individual therapies and 12 Step programmes.

The Bridge also offers a number of secondary treatment options when you’re ready to leave the residential rehabilitation programme. Our dayhab programme is designed as a stepping stone from residential rehabilitation care. It encourages and supports independence, giving you the freedom and experience of living alone, but with daily support and therapy to keep you on track.

We also have online and virtual treatment options for addiction. This works very well to continue your treatment when you leave residential rehabilitation if you can’t travel, or need to combine your treatment with your work or family life. We know that addiction is tough, lonely and can feel impossible to beat. But with the right professional help you can do it, so don’t try and face it alone.

Long-term recovery is an ongoing process, and we are passionate about the importance of secondary treatment and care. We want to reduce the likelihood of relapse and allow you to live a happy and full life, sober and outside of residential addiction facilities. You can find out more about why secondary treatment is so important to beat addiction on our blog.

To discuss our primary and secondary addiction treatment options please call us, email or send us a WhatsApp. Our team have all gone through addiction themselves and understand what you are going through and are here to help.

A safe, discreet and luxurious
place for recovery​

The Bridge is located in a secluded villa in Andalusia, where privacy is key and discretion is always maintained. We have created a safe and comfortable environment for your recovery. Our luxury rehab facilities include spacious bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, a private garden and pool, and beautiful indoor and outside areas. Our chef prepares delicious and nourishing food and there are light, spacious and luxurious areas for individual therapy and group sessions, making the rehabilitation experience as positive and comfortable for you as possible. As a family-run business, you will be made to feel at home.

Contact us to see photographs of our private rehabilitation centre, or request a virtual tour of our luxury rehab facilities.

Rehabilitation centre
in Spain​

We have chosen Andalusia as the ideal location for our addiction treatment centre for many different reasons. There are easy travel links from the UK and Europe and the area is associated with holidays, relaxation and often brings back many happy memories for our patients. The act of travelling away from your home and leaving behind the destructive cycle of addiction is positive, and the sunny skies and sea views really help to build on that and support our addiction therapies.

We believe that Andalusia’s beautiful climate, countryside and sea views boosts your mood and offers the perfect environment to promote physical, emotional and mental health. We offer a sober companion to accompany you on the journey if you are worried or so unwell that you cannot handle the journey alone. We also offer online addiction therapy to support you in your own home and prepare you for residential rehab, allowing you to start the journey to recovery in the right way for you.


At The Bridge you are with family… I left The Bridge full of gratitude, full of their wisdom, with gratefulness in my heart and in the knowledge that I will never walk alone…I will always have my family at ‘The Bridge’ to guide me.

Anonymous, 49 years old

The extraordinary team at The Bridge inspired me to make an effort when I had no energy. I left 10 weeks later to be with my family. I could walk again, I learned to eat well, I was taught communication skills and bridges were mended with my family. The team at The Bridge are extraordinary – thank you.

Anonymous, 64 years old

At The Bridge, alongside their programme, they reintroduced me back into life and taught me how to cope and manage day to day….. Ali has helped me to further establish a healthy relationship with food and exercise…. The perfect dose of thorough treatment, therapy and The Bridge to normal living.

Anonymous, 24 years old

Families are not forgotten
at The Bridge

Addiction in any form is a destructive illness. It affects not only the individual, but also their families and friends. Our comprehensive range of services supports the addict and their family in their recovery journey from the moment you arrive, to the moment you leave and beyond. We place a strong emphasis on working with clients’ families and loved ones—those who are often most directly affected by the behaviours frequently associated with substance abuse. For us, family therapy is vital to deal with addiction long-term.

At The Bridge families are central to our rehabilitation treatment programme. You will be informed about how your loved one is progressing through their journey and involved throughout the process. We understand that you will also need support and treatment to undo the years of mistrust and hurt caused by the addiction.

When an addict leaves our residential rehab centre, they will be clean, sober and physically and mentally stronger, but they are just at the start of their recovery journey. Families are essential support systems to prevent relapse once the addict returns home. This is why we re-build bridges between our clients and their families and involve them in the process to create a better understanding of the problem, the triggers and the reasons for the addiction. This involvement makes a huge difference to the long-term success of their rehabilitation journey.

Families are welcome to contact us if they are concerned that their loved one has an addiction to drugs, alcohol or gambling. We can explain how we can help and how our addiction treatment programs work, so you can fully understand what to expect before making the big decision of choosing a private rehabilitation centre. Please read our blog to find out what questions to ask when choosing an addiction treatment centre, to help you to make sure you get all the information you need before making your decision.

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Please fill the contact form or email us on [email protected]