What is a Sober Coach?

What is a Sober Coach?

We believe that people are more likely to recover from their addictions with help and support – from professionals as well as their peers.

At The Bridge Marbella, we offer practical and emotional support that is invaluable to ensure that our inpatients, Dayhab patients or those going through our online programme are as prepared as they can be for sober living and long-term recovery.

So, what IS a sober coach?

Sober coaches, also called recovery coaches or companions, offer experienced support particularly in the early stages of recovery.

They work one-on-one with clients, giving an individualised and collaborative recovery in a number of ways.


Many sober coaches and companions are those who are in recovery themselves, and they can provide support and identification for the alcoholic or addict. For many individuals, active addiction has stolen their friendships and families. A sober companion can offer friendship in this time, which can be invaluable. They can talk to you, help you with cravings and be a friend. After treatment, you may wish to bring your sober companion to social events where you fear relapse or accompany you to 12 step meetings for the first time.

Goal setting

A sober coach is trained to help collaborate with the client to create an individualised plan for their recovery, with short- and long-term achievable goals. They can be a useful link between therapy, helping individuals change and identify behaviours which no longer serve them.

Sober Travel

A sober companion may travel to where the client is, accompanying them safely to a treatment centre. They can also accompany you home, removing some of the fear that comes with leaving rehab and returning to life. Once home, a sober companion can ensure that your home is ‘dry’ – removing alcohol, drugs etc that may have been left there.

The addiction field is relatively new, and many people use the umbrella term ‘sober coach’ or ‘companion’. However, there are specialists trained for this work, and to ensure yours or your loved one’s safety, we urge you to always ask for their qualifications.

For more information about addiction, or how a sober coach can benefit you, contact us.