Why is secondary treatment so important to beat addiction?

Why is secondary treatment so important to beat addiction?

Here at The Bridge Marbella we offer personalised treatment for individuals fighting to beat addiction. We know from personal experience how hard it is to recover, but that it is possible and that you can live a better life without drugs or alcohol. This has inspired us to help others at our luxury recovery residence in Marbella.

We can support individuals wherever they are in their recovery but take a long-term approach to bridge the gap to normal living. Unfortunately, relapse is common during recovery and we want to help our patients to turn their lives around.

During their stay with us and beyond, we reintroduce structure and responsibility gradually. This stops people feeling overwhelmed and decreases chances of relapse. We understand that many addicts don’t know how to care for themselves properly, so we work with patients on nutrition, selfcare and wellness aspects, as well as dealing with the addiction itself.   

Our team factor in a preparation period into the treatment programme, to slowly but surely engage and prepare the patient for leaving rehab and heading home. The Bridge prides itself on providing a safe place for addicts to recover and repair mentally and physically, but we understand that the world outside can seem like a scary place after a period away from temptation and hardships. We help them to develop coping strategies and plans for ongoing support such as therapy or attending 12 Step meetings on a regular basis once they return home. Plus, we work with them to identify their triggers and make practical plans for how to avoid them and cope with them when that is not possible.  

We involve the family as much as possible and encourage communication to work through issues with family and try and heal relationships. This is vital as re-establishing a support network which may have broken down enables addicts to break negative cycles and know there is someone there for them. We also deal with the difficult issue of managing finances, budgeting and taking control of their financial independence, as this is one of the many bumps in the long road to successfully re-entering a normal way of life.  

The treatment you receive at rehab brings out a lot of issues and is an emotional process which can leave patients feeling raw and vulnerable. Removing alcohol or drugs feels like removing a crutch and a coping mechanism, so we work with our patients to give them the support they need if things get too much. We make sure they know that we’re on the end of the phone, we schedule in virtual sessions to check in and discuss any issues, or celebrate their achievements – no matter how small. Our team will help them find the resources they need in their local community and encourage them to engage with healthcare professionals and recovery experts near them. We’ll help them to overcome communication issues or behaviours which have led to isolation and loneliness, so they are equipped with the tools to be able to connect with others and build themselves that vital support network which can make a difference between success and failure. 

As our co-founder Howard Silver recently explained in an interview with West London Living the long-term care we provide is central to our ethos. “We call ourselves The Bridge because we see ourselves as the bridge to normal living. There is absolutely no point in getting clean and staying abstinent, unless you can trust us that you will have a happier life. We concentrate on dealing with the past, communication, families, work and finances. If you are a client of The Bridge, you are a client for life. There is no charge for the support we offer when clients leave and no time limit. If you have become part of our family, it is everlasting.”

If you need support, a safe place to recover, or just someone to talk to, please contact us at The Bridge Marbella.