Discover Spain’s Premier Luxury Rehab – The Bridge

Discover Spain’s Premier Luxury Rehab – The Bridge

We’re proud to introduce you to The Bridge Marbella, which was opened by the Silver family in 2019 to help people to overcome addictions to alcohol, drugs and gambling, as well as eating disorders. Our luxury rehab in Spain offers a safe, exclusive and discreet place to recover and heal. With highly qualified and experienced staff members and a commitment to excellence, The Bridge provides bespoke rehabilitation programmes which lay the foundations for lasting change and a life free from addiction.

What sets The Bridge Marbella apart?

The Bridge is Spain’s finest luxury rehab centre because we know how to get to the bottom of the complex issues of addiction and eating disorders and work with our clients to stop the cycle of addiction for good. Our Founders have personal experience of addiction and have been clean, sober and free from eating disorders for many, many years. They have gone through the 12 steps, therapy, counselling, education and training and have created the kind of luxury rehab that they wish they had access to when they were in the early stages of their recovery.

The Bridge is different because –

We take a long-term approach and set our clients up for success outside rehab

Addiction is a disease which lasts a lifetime, and we all know we have to take it one day at a time and work hard to remain in recovery. However, we don’t want to institutionalise our clients and keep them stuck in a loop of visits to rehab. We work intensively with our clients during their stay with us to get to the root of the problem and give them techniques and practical tools to use in the real world.

Once their system is clean from drugs or alcohol and their mind is clear for the first time in many years, we guide them through intensive therapy and counselling 1-2-1, in groups and with their family. We set them on the 12 steps to recovery, which is so accessible everywhere in the world. We build up their strength and resilience – physically and mentally through nutritious food and exercise and prepare them for long-term success, free from their addiction, outside of rehab.

We also welcome all our clients into The Bridge family and offer secondary rehabilitation support for as long as they need it. They know they can always pick up the phone, continue their treatment through online addiction treatment and dayhab services and rely on us throughout their journey.

This continued support offers a safety net which addicts need, particularly in the early stages of their recovery and we feel proud to provide it to clients and their families, once they have put their trust in The Bridge. 

We are strict and expect commitment from our clients

Luxury rehab should be comfortable and offer clients treatment in a beautiful setting, with all the facilities and home comforts they need. But, and this is a big BUT, it should not be seen as a holiday, or a place where people can get away with simply hiding from the problem and not putting in the work.

Effective addiction treatment programmes are hard work and require total commitment from the addiction professionals and the client. Residential rehabilitation is intense and we offer the maximum value to our clients through a busy schedule of therapy, 12 step meetings, coaching, counselling, classes and workshops. Every programme is bespoke, and created for each individual, but sessions are not optional, because every one is highly important to making lasting change. We’ve put together an expert team of addiction professionals and eating disorder specialists and will work with you around the clock when needed and we expect our clients to put in the work too.

We’re proud of the quality and effectiveness of the treatment in our luxury rehab Spain. But we warn clients and their families that we will be strict, and while we’re always kind and understanding, we will not allow behaviours or habits which get in the way of your recovery.

If you’re committed to your recovery, we are 100% committed to it to. But we only take clients who are ready to put in the work and make those difficult, but highly rewarding decisions and take the time and make the effort to really make the most of every session.  

We treat everyone as an individual and take a 360⁰ view of addiction and eating disorders

Nothing exists in isolation, and addictions and eating disorders are no different. The reasons behind addictions and the manifestations of addictions and eating disorders are as unique as you are and need to be treated as such. At The Bridge, you will never feel like a number, or a cog in a wheel. This is a luxury, exclusive rehab centre which only takes a small number of clients at one time. Our clients appreciate the discretion and privacy that this offers them, as well as the sense of family and community that you will feel with our team and the other clients at the centre at the same time.

You will never feel lost in a crowd, or have the focus shifted from your issues by others. Every addiction treatment programme is unique, because every client is unique and where you are and what got you there will be different from everyone else.

Our bespoke addiction treatment programmes look at all aspects of you. We know that you are so much more than just your addiction. We know you have pressures and demands on your time outside of rehab which must be understood to enable us to help you deal them, without turning to drugs or alcohol.

Our treatment always starts by getting our clients clean and sober and strong enough to deal with the rigours of rehab. Once you’re there, we work with you to get to the root of your problem, the reason why your addiction or eating disorder began. Our highly experienced team of professionals work with you to understand the reasons, identify the triggers and rebuild bridges, so that when you leave us, you have the very best chance of success. Alongside therapy, counselling and 12 step meetings, we also build up your strength with delicious and nutritious food, gentle exercise and activities which lift the mood such as yoga, Pilates, walks and excursions.

We want you to leave our luxury rehab in Spain feeling stronger, more resilient and healthier than you have for many, many years. You will feel inspired and excited about the new life ahead of you and ready to face any challenge clean and sober. Contact us if you’re ready to get started.

What types of tailored treatments are offered?

As part of our holistic approach to addiction treatment programs, we have developed a wide range of treatment options. These are combined to create bespoke programs for each and every client, to get the very best results.

Treatments include –

  • Alcohol & Drug Treatment
  • Eating Disorder Treatment
  • Residential Programmes
  • Daycare Programmes
  • Secondary Care
  • Online Addiction Treatment
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Family Support Liaison and Therapy
  • Aftercare
  • Detox
  • EMDR
  • Accompanied Transport
  • Nutritional Rehabilitation
  • Sleep Coaching
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • 12 Step Programme
  • Group Therapy
  • One-to-One Therapy
  • Tension and Trauma Release Exercises
  • Sober Coaching 

We will choose the perfect combination of the treatment options above and create a unique programme. Our highly experienced, highly trained, professional team members will guide you through your programme, and provide the support you need to turn over a new leaf and make a new start. You’ll work hard and receive a lot of treatment, but trust us, if you commit to it, our approach is highly effective.  

What makes Spain an attractive location for luxury rehab?

The Bridge is located in Marbella in Southern Spain and we think it’s the perfect place for our clients to recover and heal. We have chosen a beautiful villa, in a peaceful and secluded location, with stunning views and top-class facilities. The sunshine, blue skies, fresh air and proximity to the sea all lift the spirits and it’s a wonderful place to think, rest and start a new chapter of your life.

By choosing a luxury rehab in Spain, you will get to escape the destructive patterns and bad habits of your old life and create physical and mental space between you and those old, dark days. With regular flights from the UK, Northern Europe and Scandinavia flying into Malaga airport, and the option of accompanied transport, the journey is short and straightforward and we strongly believe the many advantages of being in Spain is well worth the trip.

Feeling the sunshine on your face, eating well, exercising and finally being free of the effects of drugs and alcohol, will make you feel better than ever before. Vitamin Sea, Spanish sunshine and our intensive addiction treatment programmes is a very powerful combination, which we believe can’t be beaten.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you or your loved one overcome their addiction or eating disorder and start your journey to recovery today.