George Rose – House Manager at The Bridge

George Rose – House Manager at The Bridge

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George Rose is originally from London, but moved to Marbella to be with his wife Ali and help the Silver family to support addicts at The Bridge Marbella. As our House Manager, he brings a wide range of skills to our luxury rehab facility, as a behaviour change and recovery coach, and 8 years experience as a personal trainer. His approach aims to break down the large and unmanageable issues into strategized, easy to complete targets and his work with patients fits perfectly with therapy and 12 Step programmes.

He worked at Equinox St. James, where he pioneered their Tier X coaching program and specialises in lifestyle change, cardiovascular conditioning, regeneration and movement literacy (Functional Movement Screen Level 1 qualified).  He has a Msc in Strength, Conditioning and Corrective Exercise and is a Precision Nutrition Level 2 coach. He also worked with the Queens Park Rangers first team achieving promotion to the Premier League.

In addition to his fitness qualifications, he is also a certified recovery coach with the International Recovery Specialist Institute. As well as his work with inpatients, he also travels to meet clients, and provides sober companionship for those who need it. He also works with clients’ families and social network to best prepare them for sober living.

We spoke to George to find out a little more about him

How did you get into sports and become a Team GB Athlete?

As a child I tried many sports, this developed into an interest in human movement and physical and mental performance. I have always loved to keep active and have worked in the fitness industry, as well as running triathlons, for over ten years. I sought guidance from a coach and they gave me the little push I needed to go to the next level. I have been lucky enough to race in New Zealand, Alaska, and Europe, at standard and Ironman distances with Team GB.

How did you get involved with addiction and recovery and what is your role at The Bridge?

I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and started learning from Ali and her family about addiction and recovery. I am now the House Manager at The Bridge in Marbella. This means I manage all the operational aspects of our private rehabilitation centre, as well as talking, listening, guiding and helping our patients through their journey with us. I am also a sober coach and fitness coach, two areas which can really help recovering addicts to be healthy and sober for the long term.

How did you get interested in becoming a sober coach?

I was a coach for many years in the health and fitness world using motivational interviewing and crucial conversations. I trained as a Sober Coach to learn more about addiction and how to use the tools I have and know well in a different setting. My job as a Sober Coach is to listen and facilitate, speaking to the rider who directs the elephant if you like, making huge tasks smaller and more manageable and offering practical support for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts. 

How do you help people through fitness during their time in rehab in Spain?

I meet people where they are at. We talk about where they want to be, and I try to make their path easier by removing or breaking down the big rocks that are in their way.

Fitness and physical training are excellent tools in recovering from addictions. Physical health can aid in self-value, affect brain chemistry, and is a vital facet of deep health. An exercise regime can add positive habits and structures into a recovering addicts’ routines and be a great way to deal with stress and triggers which could cause a relapse.

I’d advise that if people are struggling with addiction at home, that they try to integrate fitness into their daily lives. Ask for help, speak to a friend who likes to exercise, or join a group to make a connection and start to improve your fitness and your health. Getting active is such a positive step for anyone to take and is an excellent tool in recovery.

Seeking help with addiction

Our highly qualified and experience team are here to help you to stop taking drugs and drinking and get to the root of the problem. We follow a tough but highly effective addiction treatment programme based on abstinence in a private rehabilitation centre in Marbella. Our luxury rehab facilities and team of specialists are here to help you to deal with your addiction and our highly personalised approach really works. Contact The Bridge if your loved one is struggling with addiction, or you’re ready to take the first step towards living a happy and successful life, free of addiction.